Continued Education

This short course presentation covers the theory and practice involving injections of fluids such as gas or liquids into a reservoir zone with the purpose of enhancing oil recovery from that zone.

This short course presentation provides the fundamentals of rotary drilling for oil and gas reservoirs. Rig components, drilling fluids, cementing, casing design, offshore and onshore rigs and many related topics are presented.

This short course presentation provides all aspects of reservoir engineering including petroleum geology, properties of petroleum gases, liquids, and rocks, calculations of reserves and fluid flow in porous media. The short course is equivalent to the first two reservoir engineering courses taught in petroleum engineering.

This short course presentation provides an overview of enhancing petroleum recovery from a reservoir zone. It provides step by step of what to plan and how use the data to manage a better production outcome.

This course discuss wind turbines history and the collection of wind data and its assessment.  This presentation will provide insight on wind turbine blade aerodynamics,  wind turbine design and components, and the impact on the environment.

This short course presentation provides an overview of understanding how reservoir fluids move towards the well and in doing so what components can adversely affect the production as the fluid goes from the reservoir into vicinity of well and well perforations.

Teaching Associates

Susana Carmona Valdivia holds a M.S. in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from U.C.L.A. She is bilingual in Spanish, and has 20 + experience in the Upstream Industry, surface operations.