Oil Pump at sunset

Petrolects is one of the trailblazers in the oil and gas service industries. Located on the west coast of California in the United States, founded in 1999, as a petroleum engineering consulting firm. It has provided several courses around the world, such as Indonesia, Oman, Qatar, and US. Today, we serve as a inventive engineering company, tackling operational issues and providing solutions.






Petrolects vision is to be recognized across the world for reliable, cost effective and innovative solutions to help oil producers effectively monitor, control and manage their oilfields at lower cost. We aim to achieve this by promoting digital oilfields and learning tools which are needed in the oil and gas industry.

Customers & Partners

Our customers will recognize us as an essential element to their success.  We will anticipate their needs and deliver on each commitment we make. We are a customer focused company.


Each of our team will be proud to apart of our staff at PETROLECTS. We will make it possible to attain the astounding, and we will compensate success. We commit to a very diverse workforce.


Communities will recognize us as responsible, caring and responsive. We incorporate global and local prospects, cultivate solid resource management toward each project and take an active role in assisting to make life better for everyone. We will be active member of our community by contributing to their needs.


A culture grounded in integrity and respect.

At Petrolects, we will be renowned for adhering to business ethics highest standards which is one of our most valuable assets. We stand by what we say and what we do.

At Petrolects there is no place for behavior that does not bring about fairness and that is not ethical.  All of our employees are required to adhere to and perform with these standards and abiding by practicable local, national and international laws.


To never stop providing people in the oil, gas and process industries with technology that will make their lives easier, safer, cost effective and more productive.

To communicate with our customers and employees to ensure their satisfaction with our business, products, and services.

To be focused on making our customer service process exceptional, handling customer concerns more effectively, or incorporating customer service into all of our practices