Petrolects Flow Monitoring Unit


  • Water Injection Wells: To monitor water injection rate, injection temperature, and injection pressure
  • Fluid Production from Wells: To monitor gross fluid produced, fluid temperature, and fluid pressure
  • Steam Injection Wells: To monitor steam injected rate, temperature, and pressure. To obtain an estimate for steam quality


The technology is based on Petrolects original US patent # 7,634,328 awarded in December 2009. Petrolects monitoring units for the above specific applications consist of:

  • Type K rugged thermocouple for temperature measurements,
  • Rugged pressure transducers for pressure measurements,
  • Rugged flow sensor for flow measurements,
  • Sensor head device, SHD, to encapsulate electronics in stainless steel high pressure housing,
  • US made high quality, high pressure lift check valve,
  • Safe cabling and direct connection via wires to the RDT for data transmission,
  • Non-volatile memory of 8 MG
  • GPS capabilities with accuracy of 6 meters CEP,
  • Transponder frequency range of 616.0 to 1626.5 MHz
  • External power interface of type C, compatible with +12/+24 VDC systems,
  • External sensor interface type D, digital or analog,
  • Digital I/O lines,6
  • Analog I/O lines, 2
  • RDT, transmitting unit, operating temperature of -30 C to 70 C,
  • RDT cooling, radiated,
  • On surface solar panels for internal battery charging,
  • Primary or rechargeable back up battery.

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