Over the years, engineers have been innovating and creating ways to get accurate measurements of fluid flow conditions in the oil and gas and process industries. Among temperature, pressure, and flow rate, the flow rate measurement is the most important unknown; it determines the sales of produced oil. Thus, scientists and engineers have been working long and hard to discover new ways and technologies to make more efficient metering systems. Because of their hard work, the oil and gas industry has benefited from the creation of different flow meters materialized; providing an accurate accounting of daily production. The heartbeat of the oil and gas industry continues to be strong.

To the oil producer, Petrolects delivers the opportunity of three different products. The first product is a pump off controllers that provide better control of the operating profile for rod lift systems by providing real time data on pump production signals. Through our energy efficient pump-off controllers, clients have the opportunity to retrofit their older units with better control of the operating profile for rod lift systems, so the rod pump can function more efficiently and with less wear on its system. A Petrolects POC can help maximize run times and prolong the life of your equipment. The second product is a flow meter that can be installed away from the well site on production headers reporting flow rate to the cloud. Data will include pressure, temperature, and flow rate. The third product is a flow meter plus a pump-off controller; all assembled as one unit near the well site.